Visionary Enamel Pin

Visionary Enamel Pin

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visionary enamel pin | viZHəˌnerē/ (adj.) syn. inspired, imaginative, creative, inventive, ingenious, innovative. be allllll of those things. we've teamed up with north carolina based blogger, SnootyJudy, to create flair that encourages creativity and collaboration. pin was featured at Snooty's 3rd Annual #20SDS - 20 Something Doin' Something event where local twenty-something artists + entrepreneurs showcase their work. visionary pin features black enamel + silver plated design with type font reminding us as we collaborate + create "may our visions spread like wildfire."

  • 1" X 1.25"
  • single pronged with secure, black rubber fastener. 
  • exclusive design limited to 100, engraved on back.
  • collaboration | MRAY x SnootyJudy
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