Chalkboard Party Tray

Greetings! It's been a while, we have been bizzzzzzzz-zeeeeee. We have been in the background planning and working on some newness for ya! One of our newest additions are blogs and videos. We are planning to bring you guys all avenues of content. Stay Tuned. 

Jumping right in from there.. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN, DIY CHALKBOARD PARTY TRAY. see our process.

materials for your diy project, you will need: 

  • wood (your choice of dimensions, needs to be rectangular or square in shape)
  • sander or sand paper
  • stain (minwax wood finish, dark walnut)
  • chalkboard spray paint (valspar, black chalkboard paint)
  • painter's tape (3m)
  • wash cloth (one you are willing to part ways with)
  • chalk pen 
  • well ventilated area
  • pencil ***
  • tape measure ***
  • level ***
  • hammer ***
  1. pick your wood, we went to our local Lowe's Home Improvement Store, found wood of our liking and had it cut equally into two.
  2. sand your wood, there were rough edge from where we had the wood cut into two, so we sanded the edges down so they were more smooth/less sharp. 
  3. open up your stain, we used an old butter knife to crack open the can (use your resources) - and take your wash cloth and dip and rub in to the wood. stain until your face of the wood is covered and all showing sides. if you would like you can stain the back of your tray. 
  4. let the wood dry for about five minutes.
  5. apply your tape to the outer edges of the tray. line up the tape with th outer edge and continue around the entire tray until you have a tape square. 
  6. go around all edges with your hands or a flat edge to make sure tape is adhered to the newly stained tray. 
  7. shake your spray paint (we used valspar, see photo) and be sure to spray atleast 6 inches from the board the entire untaped square. make sure you have an even, opaque layer of chalkboard paint applied. 
  8. let dry for atleast 5-10 minutes. 
  9. slowly remove the tape. 
  10. ta-da, your tray is complete, let dry an additional hour. surface may appear dry, but to be sure, let your new tray sit and dry for a bit longer - this also allows for airing out of the fumes from the stain and paint. 

***you can attach a sawtooth hanger on the back to hang as a chalkboard. we got our wood cut into two pieces, and created two identical trays, one we used as a tray, the the other we attached a sawtooth hanger on the back to hang as a chalkboard for our home.  for this you will need the starred items in the materials above. use your tape measure to find the center of your chalkboard to mark with your pencil where the sawtooth hanger will be applied. we applied our hanger 1/2" down from the center of the tray, long ways. use your level to make sure the hanger is applied straight. use your hammer to apply/nail your hanger - wah-lah, you now have a chalkboard for your home. two items for less than $25 :)